In Development


Losing My Accent:

2017: Comedy web series currently in development in Los Angeles. Written, produced and starring me, super-talented David Fynn, and sublime Sims Holland. You can watch the extended teaser I shot below. This project is currently being pitched. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Captain Pancake

Since 2012 I’ve been writing/developing a new piece theatre piece called Captain Pancake. This children’s theatre project was inspired after a writing retreat in Cornwall with my colleague Simon Spencer-Hyde. Pending funding we hope to develop the project further.

Watch the promotional video to learn more:

R&D Footage Captain Pancake:

Some character development footage from rehearsals during the R&D.


Sir Patrick and Other Characters

Recent devising and writing with comedy director and performer Vanessa Faye-Stanley . Together we created a medley of characters that are soon to be released for web showings-off.

Zeus’ Pamphlet

Sketch show Zeus’ Pamphlet (2008-2011) in which I co-wrote the show’s material: We did the London circuit for 3 years then went to Edinburgh after which we filmed a  TV Pilot and were also cast as within a TV Movie which you can download from US AMAZON: HERE

Behind the scenes footage from our Edinburgh Show: