David is a classically trained British actor and writer currently based in Los Angeles.

Born in 1977, David was raised all over the UK by his nomadic Irish and Scottish parents. All this sporadic travelling with thick-accented parents and  would lend David an ear for mimicry and an eye for performance, that would allow him to escape the weirdness of never really belonging anywhere.

In 2001 David was awarded a DADA scholarship to study full-time at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School  It was here during his classical training that David found his love for character acting after being dressed in a ‘Fat Suit’ and being compared to the love-child of Gene Wilder and Nicholas Cage. After some more notable character performances during his training and even one as a Goose, David graduated and moved to London in 2003 to begin his direction as a comic and character actor.

David soon found himself writing and performing on the comedy and fringe theatre circuit in a variety of shows and acts at venues such as The BAC, The Leicester Square Theatre, The Canal Cafe, The Hen & Chickens Theatre and even transferring one his own comedy shows to the famous Underbelly Theatre at The Edinburgh Festival. After a tour of Asia as Captain Hook in the musical version of Peter Pan David found himself cast in Denmark’s No.1 comedy show The Crazy Christmas Cabaret in 2007. David soon learned that the Danes love British comedy and he decided to stay to co-write and perform with the company for two seasons, selling out shows to over 60,000 Scandinavians.

David’s love for Europe was not left there and he soon after became a veteran of over 20 European commercials, often as the quirky hero for big named brands such as Ford, Heineken, Samsung, not to mention some Polish beer brands that you can’t pronounce.

His new skills on-camera continued upon returning to the UK and David began getting cast in a variety of award-winning short films such as Cancer Hair , Will You Marry Me? and odd-ball comedy, Zombeef which led him to the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.

By 2012 David had his first lead role in TV film Twas the Shift Before Christmas which soon followed onto him co-starring in the BBC drama The Last Hours of Laura K, which was nominated for a BAFTA.

By 2015 David’s nomadic spirit had taken him to Los Angeles where he met his wife-to-be and began developing his first-penned sitcom – Losing My Accent which stars himself and Olivier-nominated actor David Fynn. Since moving to LA David has continued to focus on screen acting and recent credits include co-star roles on network shows Making History and Criminal Minds, Beyond Borders .Spring 2018 David can be seen in FX’s Legion and has strong supporting role in the new season of TV comedy Play by Play You can also catch David in the latest version of video game franchise Call of Duty WWII as Maj. James Parks.

David is also a professional voice-artist and he uses his excellent array of accents and characters to good use on spots for Virgin Atlantic, Britain’s Got Talent, Cadbury and Nestle.

When not doing all of this, David is learning to surf, cooking meals for Stevie Wonder’s retired dentist (yes, really) and attending a variety of clown and improv classes to keep the comedy lead in his pencil.

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