January 2020

Happy New Year! Lot’s going on already and it’s only the first week of 2020. *insert ‘whoop-whoop’ emoji*

First up – filming resumes this month for yet another fun Belgium commercial for mobile network Orange. This will be be my fourth instalment in this regular campaign for the Flemish peeps. Watch this space for more video posts. Watch the others here!

After that it’s back to Los Angeles to finish up directing (yes, I direct too!) the superb comedic talents of Sims Holland for her solo show Learning To Human, a hilarious show about recovery through tragedy and how we can all learn to human that little bit better.

This is Sims’ third run of the show and is part of the Whitefire Theatre’s SoloFest in Sherman Oaks: – a three month festival dedicated to one-person shows. More dates planned for the UK and US this year!