2019 Spring News

With 2018 firmly behind us and filed on the shelf labelled ‘Oh God, don’t remind me!’, I can happily announce that the fallow year is no more and there are some new exciting projects on the horizon for the spring of 2019.

First up, I’m now the voice for the new UK campaign for BOOKING.COM You can watch it below here and catch it on the TV spots throughout the spring as part of the UEFA Nations League campaign.

I’ve also recently returned from Belgium, where I did a cheeky appearance in a new spot for Orange. This fun little piece below was directed by LA based director, Ryan Patrick and is continuing with extra spots throughout year.

It was bitter sweet catching the Eurostar train from London thinking that this could be the last time I can happily walk through the gates with my EU passport to work. Freedom to work easily in Europe was always a great addition to my career – sad to think it might soon disappear, especially when I clearly have such a great gallic nose. Viva La Nez! Vive L’Europe !