2018 TV NEWS

Howdy, internet people…

I’m now well into my third year in my newly adopted town of Los Angeles and have learn’t quite a lot: like how to eat a burrito whilst driving, leaf-blowers are on EVERY street corner and that kale and yoga pants are a religion. I’ve also managed to scale the castle walls of network TV and land a few of those juicy acting gigs. Here’s what you can catch me this spring on your screens.

First up, you can catch me dropping in for chapter 14 in the epic 2nd season of LEGION on FX coming this April 3rd. Starring Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza and me, David McCusker!

Also coming up this spring you can catch me in the new season of PLAY BY PLAY on streaming channel Go:90  

This coming of age comedy is about an ESPN sportscaster who looks back on his life in the 90s and gives the play-by-play of his adolescence. You’ll be able to watch me as Lester Tinkum, the strange neighbour who makes his debut in episode 2 of this new season.

More news to follow on my latest writing project, so WATCH THIS SPACE!