New Year, New Comedy

Ok, the less said about 2016 the better, right? Every current online post is all about the bloody awfulness of the last 12 months, so the last thing you want is another end-of-days moan accompanied by a ‘See No Evil’ monkey emoji, AMIRIIIIGHT??

Instead then, let me share with you some New Year LOLS. At the beginning of last year (no, don’t say it!) I started writing a new web-series comedy called Losing My Accent; a cheeky little 10-episode piece about the life of a middle-aged actor trying out life in Hollywood (the parallels are astounding, I know). I shot a teaser, and started the pitch to industry whilst beginning the online push for 2017.

I’ve launched the teaser on Vimeo. The teaser itself is an extended scene from a the 1st episode /pilot – so you get the flavour of it. Hold on to your diaphragms, it’s 9 minutes long:




I was very lucky to get a great team for project too; working opposite me was the sublime talents of David Fynn (currently in School Of Rock in ol’ London Town) and Sims Holland (check out her new Disney commercial) and the wonderful director was comedienne Ella Smith (catch her in Hoff The Record and Cinderella). Special thanks to the amazing crew and the editing prowess of Emma Rasmussen.

If you want to contact me regarding the project please email:

Website and FB page coming soon!