McCuskery News

Well, a WHOLE year has passed since I posted something on this news page, “What’s been going on? You move to Hollywood and we don’t hear a peep from you. Your mum is worried sick!”, I hear you cry.

Sorry Mum (Mom), I meant to call, but I was busy trying to figure out how not to become another actor/writer statistic in Hollywood. One such way was to get off my backside (butt) and get one of my scripts made. The ever changing landscape of onscreen entertainment means that now we, the artists, have the power to make our own work and showcase it to potential audiences and industry bods (peeps), which is really inspiring. So I put together a team, worked out a tiny budget and started filming my first own comedy pilot.

Losing My Accent is written by myself and also stars the wonderful co-star talents of David Fynn and Sims Holland and is directed by the super funny woman Ella Smith. (Yes to more female directors please, Hollywood)

More details to follow soon! Here’s a cheeky still to whet your whistle:


In other news, the BBC online drama The Last Hours of Laura K got nominated for BAFTA Craft award! I had a little part in it playing IT tech guy Graham Young. From what I’ve read in the press, my performance was basically the backbone of the whole piece and without me they probably would never even got it off the ground…JOKES…. I did bugger all, but the team were ACE. Just look at them: