Gardening Tips for Actors

Hello 2015! Bit late to say “HNY” but I’ve been a wee bit busy and all of sudden there’s been a rush on. Work was abundant and then I’ve had to pop over to Los Angeles to check-in with my girlfriend and the tomatoes we planted in her garden back in October.

Before we get to the harvest news, I tell you about that sideline I do in acting. Just before Christmas I shot the Christmas commercial for Swisscom (see below post) over in stunning Zurich then it was back to Blighty for tea and biscuits… well, doughnuts really. I landed a part in a new BBC drama and was playing an IT Zuckerberg-type genius who had a penchant for all things glazed and doughnut shaped. Starring and written by Rachel Delahay and directed by the multi-talented Gabriel Bisset-Smith, this exciting project was all shot in real-time (ooh, fancy!) and is due for release in March 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for more news.

I also had to record some new VO for Nicorette and you can currently hear me helping you quit those nasty cigarettes again:

And if you’re wondering about those winter tomatoes, well they came out just great! These beauties are organic and grown just off Vine Street, so you could say they’re…wait for it….vines from Vine!  *cymbal crash*