January News

Sorry, it’s been a while. Moved house, did a bit of filming here and there and now in Los Angeles. It’s been full speed ahead!

November was busy with raising funds for my theatre project, Captain Pancake, and sadly didn’t get the 2nd phase off the ground with our Kickstarter fundraiser, but it did put the project out into the public domain and was excellently received. To understand more about the project, you can watch the new trailer that I made below:

Next phase is securing Arts Council funding, so watch this space. You can like out Facebook page here to keep up to date with regular news from the frontline of new theatre!

What else? Well, I filmed an excellent little comedy short film called Cancer Hair which is due for release onto the festival circuit this year. I starred alongside the very talented Laura Aikman and we shot over two days in London. It’s a humble tale about a young women in remission from Cancer and the writing balances pathos and humour perfectly. All directed and written by the lovely Gail Hackston.

In voice over world, I did a corporate training video for Virgin Atlantic and you can hear me on the TV as the VO for the new Nicorette Quick Mist commercial.

 Just before Christmas I worked on a new commercial for Cadbury alongside Blink Ink productions who used the wonderful Movi-Rig to create a smooth one-take shot. It’s due out this January and we spent a wonderful week rehearsing and devising the routine with Chicken Shed Theatre’s choreographer Rachel Yates. Catch it below.


And now I sit in my Venice Beach apartment (check out the view below!) escaping the January winter of London. I decided to pop over to LA for a few weeks to meet and greet people and to see about moving out here full time in 2015. So, I’m driving everywhere and seem to live in my car. This is the dream? On the plus side it’s sunny and the everyone is SO positive, even the actors I’ve met who haven’t worked for a year; “I’m in a really good place, right now, you know spiritually.” And so, to get into the spirit of things, I’m off to get my wheatgrass enema…