New comedy delights!

A few years ago, back in halcyon days between 2009 and 2012 I was in a lovely little sketch group call Zeus’ Pamphlet and after a few years on the comedy circuit in London and after rather tasty debut at 2011 Edinburgh Festival we bagged a comedy pilot and then went our separate ways. New creative paths we’re formed; I went on a ‘comedy sabbatical’ and decided to write plays and do triathlons, Frank became a stand-up and the rest of the gang went on to become a new comedy group called Don’t Shoot The Mermaid.

Since 2012 these comedy sirens have been building up a rather sexy web channel with a whole load of new material. In July I was invited to star in a new and improved version of one of our old favourite sketches written by Emma Rasmussen and directed by Simon J Riley.

It’s pretty racy in parts, so only click if you’re a proper grown up!