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We finished the play and survived intact! What an crazy couple of weeks that was. Now we’re on the case of having a re-jig and getting it put on later in spring. We had some lovely audiences and quite a large chunk of industry bods came to watch too. Which wasn’t scary at all, no no, not in slightest. *rocks back and forth* In the meantime the director Marianne Oldham is getting ready to take to the stage again for the Arcola Theatre’s Sons Without Fathers and David Ricardo Pearce is getting ready to be Oberon in The Midsummer Night’s Dream. What a talented team!

So, onto my projects new…

Currently under construction is a play I’ve been working on for about a year. This piece is for 7-12 year olds (and you adults too) and we are are trying our best to create “a folk-music fairy tale”. It’s been tough trying to find the time to rehearse/write as we both need to work to bring in the money, but things are finally moving forward! The ‘we’ is me and Simon Spencer-Hyde. My good friend and wonderful comic actor who I trained with back at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Here he is:


We’re looking to start full scale rehearsals this next month with a scratch version ready for April. The key thing is now to find a really, really nice director, producer and some money. Money, that’s the problem – there isn’t any at the moment. Theatres are being shut down and thanks to our delightful coalition government, the Arts (as is usual) is at the bottom of the list. I’m not gonna get on my soapbox, but a multi-billion pound spend on a nuclear submarine….. REALLY? Another problem with money, or the lack thereof is that theatre/performance becomes an elitist thing and people with only money or access to money can create work. There’s not a lot of support for people with none, who want to create. The Edinburgh Festival has definitely been affected by this. Stewart Lee’s article here is a worthy read.

Anyway, RANT OVER… hopefully I can raise some funds off the back of my commercials (like a ‘low-art’ for ‘high-art’ karmic pay off) and also through a bit of good old fashioned hounding. Any offers – drop me a line! Nica Burns, You listening?

In other news – I’ve just signed up with Kate Moon Management for voice-overs. What good news! I’ve already been plodding away in my new home-studio and getting all excited by my new toys.

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