Sitcom Pilot news.

I’ve been procrastinating all day today. It’s the usual thing isn’t it? Big, lurking thing eyeing you desperately from your inbox and you end up eating Magnum ice creams and watching Ben Fogle smugging it about on iplayer. Perhaps its the spill-over/over-spill from an extra long Bank holiday, but more than likely its the same laissez-faire schoolboy attitude creeping back that ended up getting an F in French (Did you see the irony in that sentence?). As the old saying (that I’ve just made up) goes: the big elephant in the room needs milking….

What AM I going on about, you ask? Well, I am trying to learn my lines. My lines for a comedy pilot to be precise, in which *polishes nails on shirt* I play the lead role. It’s an excellent piece of writing by Andrea Thompson-Burke, which as usual I’m sworn to secrecy about, but I can tell you that my character is afflicted with OCD and IBS and works in a Call-Centre. Luckily for me, I have experience in all three of those afflictions both personally and by proxy. I’ll let you guess which ones…

My well indexed script!

So, the lines will be nailed and then I’m off to Wales on Sunday for an intensive filming process: 2 weeks to film an hour and a half pilot –  GULP! Yes, it’s going to be filming by the seat of your pants. And luckily my pants stay ON for this one. Not a pyjama or dressing gown in sight! The other exciting thing is that my comedy chums from Zeus’ Pamphlet will be joining me. We all got hand-picked by the producer from our sketch pilot submission which we filmed after our Edinburgh show. Good stuff, eh? I must admit, I huffed and puffed about filming our sketches, but the guys insisted and that really did pay off. Cue me eating humble pie.