Je suis le PANTALON!

Didn’t I say that I wouldn’t do anything in my pants again? Ah well, looks like I’ve become typecast.

Here I am as part of the Frenchy viral thing for Mennen, a men’s sports brand from French France.  Surprisingly, there are 2 million-plus hits and counting. Zute Alor!

This is part of four funny skits I did for their website which were directed by L.A. based Bo Mirosseni. It’s quite jolly really and you can even download a little animated ME for your desktop, if you fancy. Now there’s a first! I was hoping they’d release an action figure with kung-fu grip and clip-on side-parting.

If you’re wondering what rubber duck is all about, its a Gallic metaphor for a beer belly. And who said the French didn’t have a sense of humour!?