The Milkman’s Nose

This snout of mine, which my parents seem adement belongs to neither of their DNA, has got me some more Gallic work. This week I’ve been shooting for a French sports brand. The product being a men’s compression vest which claims to be impregnated with caffeine. I shit ye not.
Alongside four beautiful models, me and my big nose where trying our best to be funny in a location where a refrigerator would have been jealous at the space’s ability to harvest the cold. IT. WAS. FREEZING. I spent as much time as possible finding new and intriguing ways of staying warm when one’s character only wears underpants. Now I know why every crew member seems to sponsored by North Face clothing! I wasn’t lucky enough to have any of those “Its-nippy-out-there-Shackleton” North Face jackets, so in-between takes I was given this rather fetching dressing gown to keep me warm. I’m sorry, but fashion goes right out of the window when it’s cold.