Revelling the 2012

Christmas is OVER, phew! Mistle pokes and mulled snogs are now but a distant memory and that ridiculous over-hyped evening of explosions and resolutions has disolved.

I was getting itchy not having a project/audition/pile of receipts for the tax man to attend to. January has started in a strangely productive way, and I was planning to go on holiday (?!) – what was I thinking! Lot’s of exciting things in the pipeline including the one musical folk play (what I’m writing) two short films (what I’m NOT writing) Edinburgh 2012 and a few pencils on the commercial horizon. On the subject of commercials, I must immediately apologise for being ALL over your tele this Crimbo. I feel like I was becoming more annoying than a Jamie Oliver cookery-ad montage. My lovely agent has decided to only put me forward for overseas jobs, to give my, ahem, “profile” a bit of breathing space. I’m hoping for some in LA.

This breathing space is most welcome as friend’s and peer’s praise has gone from “So proud of you..” and “Congratulations…Love that ad!” to “Get off my tele.” and “Even your mum turns it over now.” …………Nuff said.

Secretly though, I still love it and am hoping for yet another year of the same. Maybe a few less jobs wearing Pyjamas this time.

Happy New Year!