I do all my own stunts.

There is a small, tiny, weeny chance that you may have seen my chops parading around your screen in my PJ’s in the last week. If not, then I won’t add a link as you’re bound to have me invading your lounge at some point over your Christmas tele watching.

I spent 10 days with a great UK production team from Blink Ink and Barcelona based team Smile alongside Leo Burnett, the ad agency chaps. After a couple of days of ‘stunt training’ I was ready to jump off a bridge and get swung some 50ft across a lake. After a good 12 hours in the saddle, I can officially say, I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS.

And for any worried mother’s of my future children, I’d like to state, that no harm came to my ‘key equipment’ in the filming of this commercial.

Here’s some pics:

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