Balloons in Barcelona!

Just ended my first day on a new job here in Barcelona shooting a commercial for UK TV…I’d love to tell you all about it, but I’m sworn to secrecy…What I can tell you though, is that it does involve balloons. Lots of ballons. So many in fact that I literally take off…

beat that Mary Poppins!

I’m staying at some swanky downtown hotel where dinner is served on a black PVC table cloth with a gilded gnome for company. Not so sure about the atmosphere of this hotel, at the breakfast table there were red roses at every table but you were stuck in a basement without light and bunch of moody waiters. Not quite the romance they were expecting to achieve methinks.

The gnome and S&M table cloth

Tonight I’ve opted for room service.

Tomorrow I’m having a wander around Barcelona. So camera in hand, I shall be feasting on Gaudi with hopefully a fino and tapas break somewhere along the line.

To infinity and beyond!