This new site of wonder…

What do I hope to achieve with this site?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. I think the main thing will be to post some news, blogs, character videos and general writings on my experiences as a comedy actor/writer who is taking a sketch show up to debut at The Edinburgh Festival.

So, yes Edinburgh. This Monday the 1st of August me and the gang will be heading up to fall head first into the month of madness of daily performances and the agony of trying to get an audience. Personally, this is my first Ed as a performer (I’ve left it rather late, I know) but have been going as ‘groupie’ since 2004. I guess it’s only the last 3 years that I finally started to become successful as an actor and now have enough disposable income to invest in my own projects. Prior to that I was in a vicious circle of poverty where doing any low/un-paid work would cripple me.

It’s a good feeling to be actual survive off your art and even more so when it’s taken nearly a decade!

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